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We have worked to satisfy the initiatives of the companies always oriented towards the excellent and effective completion of the projects. We hope that these cases contribute to the appropriation of the concept and the implementation of its business models.

Grupo Exito

The consultancy service was provided for the implementation of the SAP R3 ERP for the project management (PS) and investment management (IM) module. The duration of the project was 6 months and was carried out in the city of Medellín.


A QA of the ERP implementation of SAP R3 was performed in the product costing (CO), inventory valuation (MM), production (PP), human resources (HCM), finance (FI), sales (SD) modules and PMO in Lima, Peru.


The implementation of the maintenance module (PM) was developed for the COMAI financial company, later training was given to leading users and data was loaded. The project was carried out in Cartagena.

During 1 year and 11 months the consultancy service was provided in the implementation of the ERP of SAP R3 for the G3 project, together with the assurance of the quality in integrated areas such as; end-to-end logistics, financial planning (FI) and control (CO), as well as technical areas covering ABAP audit, management and administration of master data and Business Object (BO).

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Sociedad Portuaria

For the Port Authority of Buenaventura (Foundation), the BBP survey process was carried out, new sales scenarios were configured and all the sales and electronic invoicing functionalities for three logistics companies were implemented.

The implementation of sales and operations planning module (SOP), demand planning and also the optimization of purchases (MM) and transport (LETRA) was carried out. The duration of the project was 6 months in Bogotá.

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Sociedad Portuaria
Bolsa Nacional de Valores

For the Port of Buenaventura (Logistics) company, for one year, the warehouse management module (WM) was implemented with ABAP developments integrated with the sales management module (SD). Later, remote and face-to-face support was given.

In the Costa Rican Stock Exchange there was the implementation of BPC, in addition to the financial modules (FI), budget (FM), costs (CO), sales and distribution (SD), purchases (MM), among others.

Aguas de Cartagena

Implementation in a public-private company of the QlikView tool; generating reports for the areas of finance (FI), maintenance (PM) and inventories (MM) taking data from the SAP ERP R3 platform and their respective modules.


The project consisted of the implementation of the QlikSense tool for this company that is dedicated to the manufacture of plastics. The objective was to generate reports for the logistics and financial areas based on the ERP of SAP R3 and the CO, FI, MM, PP and SD modules.


The objective of this project was to provide training to end users in plant maintenance (PM), mainly in corrective and preventive maintenance. This was done in Panama.

Clínica del Country

The implementation of the procurement module (MM), finance (FI) and costs (CO) of the SAP ERP ERP for 10 months was carried out at both the Country Clinic and the La Colina Clinic.

Grupo Nutresa

For the Nutresa Group, the preparation of BPC Consolidation reports and the SAP data warehouse (BW) were carried out.


For this project the objective was to carry out the evaluation and proposal of improvements on developments in different modules such as PP, QM, MM, SD, FI and ML. All this was done in order to improve performance and optimize both resources and response time.


The consulting service for the implementation of the sales and operations planning (SOP) was provided to generate a projection of the production from the historical sales as a first step to change the sales model "push" to a "pull" model " The project lasted 6 months.


The QlikView BI requirements development was carried out to determine costs, retail price, margin and profit in each of its service stations in order to have a daily view and make decisions from the commercial area.


The project consisted of the implementation of BPC, the cost module (CO), finance (FI), purchases (MM), SAP data warehouse (BW) and budget (FM), in the SAP S4 / Hana ERP. The duration was 6 months.

For the client Corona Tableware, the analysis and improvement of production planning were developed taking into account the needs and the production master plan (MRP).

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