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Optimize business performance and improve bottom line with working knowledge of sophisticated models such as profitability and cost allocation, driver-based planning, shared services costing, cash flow modeling, and transfer pricing. funds and liquidity.

Why implement SAP PaPM with GTCloud?

The SAP Profitability & Performance Management Solution maintains and runs complex calculations, rules, and simulations. Without an established data model, it is highly flexible, allowing you to create high-speed profitability and cost analysis with minimal IT involvement.

Learn about the many features that
provide this solution below:

Increase business agility with meaningful and reliable insights at the customer, product, or channel level by modeling relevant performance and benefits.

Calculate huge volumes of data in seconds. Use what-if simulation to make decisions with confidence and test and review their impact before finalizing them.

Harmonize and organize insights and reports by integrating calculated results into defined closure activities, planning, visualization and execution cycles

Organizando información


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Fast processing

It raises analytical models that were previously unthinkable due to the processing time or the volume of data required. In this way, it is possible to arrive at analysis of profitability by client, product or service, keeping all the traceability of the different intermediate phases of the process.

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Flexibility to generate models

Generate models in a totally flexible way, being able to define both the dimensions of the model, as well as the tables or data cubes that we will need to execute our process.

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Effective planning

It is built on the new SAP HANA database. This will allow us to execute processes on the database server directly, in addition, this database has the data in memory.

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