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Marketing - eCommerce
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Electronic commerce is one of the channels that has gained the most strength in recent months.
At GTCloud we offer solutions that solve all the phases of the construction of an online channel.

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It is time to take your physical store to a virtual store!

Empower your business and provide a better experience
of customer with a shopping cart and payment gateway.

Integrated e-commerce solutions that leverage all logic
business, product data and customer information already configured
in your system accompanied by effective digital marketing strategies.

ECommerce streamlines both the ordering process and the sales process, and the interesting thing is that you already have everything you need to make this happen.



-Vertical: Specialized in a specific type of product or market.

-Horizontal: They attract more public than verticals by having a greater variety of products.


Pre-configured stores that do not need programming by their own technicians or outside the company

Open Source

Open source to the public and free to use, with no license fees and the developer community fuels and fosters the maintenance and growth of technology

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